Saturday, 21 July 2012

Late again but I suppose it doesn't really matter. I have come to the conclusion It's on purpose. I also think arriva hire extras at the station to fill the bloody thing up to make it popular. They all seem to know each other. Either that or I'm paranoid. Audrey looks good today, blue rinse hanging on in this weather. Apparently her bush didn't turn out too well, she thinks Ernie had too much stout before he tackled it. Looks like a handlebar moustache now, which is different. He's in trouble anyway for messing about with her dumplings over Sunday dinner, explains why he looks sheepish..and pale. Gladys with her leg made it out, it was clinic day today and there's a new doctor on and she's taken quite a shine to him. He has a lovely New ear torch apparently, which is nice. Dave is still pissed from Friday and keeps going on about being a pirate for some reason, mind you, there is a bit of a shortage of proper pirates round these parts. And cabin boys according to Gladys.

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