Monday, 24 September 2012

Oh God, the Indian waiter has just sneezed and caught it all in his hand. It's an amazing sight reallly, his snot storage compartment must have a huge capacity. Now I feel sick. Bob Marley behind me is having a whale of a time with his earphones, I don't think he knows where he is but he seems happy enough. There's two blokes having a completely pointless conversation, " I had one of them Dalmatians once" "like the ones in the film?" "what film?" "1001 Dalmatians" "naah nothing like one of them" " well what did it look like?" "you know, light brown with long hair" "a retriever?" "yeah, that's the one." Pointless...A woman has just sat down and she's fuming. The bus driver has upset her, he told her she had an ugly baby. I told she should report him and go up to get his name while I look after the monkey...

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