Wednesday, 12 September 2012

So, the two drunks at the bus stop have got it all sorted. We now no longer need a government, just these two. Despite the slurred low voices, it's all going to be ok. "My friend, my very good friend. It's like this. Maffew was sent to Earf to link Luke an John togevver an that's what dunnit, so it will all be awlright. Hic, see what I mean?" "yeah, yeah right. Can you go in that shop an get me some fags, only I don't ave any money my friend, cos there's not enough in the galaxy cos everyone's laaazzzeee". See? It all fits now. Obviously. So, I couldn't catch any more because the bus turned up just as I was thinking about painting the bus stop. The one and only seat left and I had to sit next to a PCSO, which was quite arresting. Well, we started talking, mainly out of nervousness really. I thought I had a bad ass day but hers ! The more she spoke the crosser and redder she was getting. I struggled to get a word in. She even moaned about the lunch because she's fed up with truncheon meat sandwiches. Turns out she had only been on a days training course on boot polishing, which is bright. Mind you, nice person considering. Very thoughtful, I had some shopping and she held on to my lamb chops all the way....

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