Friday, 2 November 2012

On the old cardboard fold downs, bus is packed and is very quiet. Old couple opposite (drinking pals in the Falcon) using four seats talking about her impending move to Brighton. She doesn't know where it is and he was trying to explain and when he repeatedly told her there's a nudist beach she perked up a bit and it explained some sniggering that began to erupt, which was nice. Out of the blue a 
distinct squeaky female Nigerian voice became very raised on the phone. "I tell dem cos I fight back. I hit dem with my umbrella and beat dem. I am not scared!" Getting louder on the pretty multi racially packed bus "I say fxxk dem, It's the Pakistanis I tell you, and de fxxcking Muslims, dey go round killing everyone" so the eyebrows raised heads turning..I couldn't see her " and de whites, they are scared to fight back" and she's laughing ! Someone told her to fxxk off twice but she must have been on something or mentally ill. The bus stopped and this 3'6" female emerges from nowhere and scurried off. I know I add a little from time to time but this happened. Beer o'clock methinks...or Brighton beach.

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