Thursday, 20 December 2012

Ok. It didn't go AWOL, it was only 25 minutes late. Entertaining though, Audrey was waiting for the same bus and she had the Dunkirk spirit alright. Not only was she shouting out how the 37 was getting later and later, she was organising the mass of waiting passengers for other buses. "Ere comes the 39! Whose waiting for that?" "Here's a 32!" "Who wanted a 32!!!" "Where's the bloody 37!!" Oi! You wanted the x740 to Heathrow! It's just there!! " Christ, not another 32, bloody hell, there's another one behind it! How many people live in Micklefield!" then with a whoop (yes, a whoop) of excitement, you hear a scream of " 'Bout bloody time!, the 37 is here! Everyone ! The 37 is here" at the top of her voice. "Don't panic! It's here everyone!". Well I'm well impressed with the power and resilience of Tena Ladies, it's awesome.......

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