Thursday, 3 January 2013

OK. I am not going to rant but I cannot help but think that it is quicker to go to the Arctic and back than trying to get to Wycombe and back. Well the temperature's the same when you have been waiting for over an hour. But that's OK, sort of, because you have the privilege to see where the bus isn't via the £££s SatNav doobry whatsit thing recently installed. Right riveting entertainment. So, still not ranting, which is FINE. The 08:11 is still 24 minutes away which is interesting because that was 40 mins ago, but it doesn't matter because the next one was on it's way. Fantastic, two together again. Or not. The one that became 15 mins away, stayed that way for an hour has now broken down, as heard on the grapevine, or by your friends driving by. Still, there is hope, another one  was only 1 min away and now 'due'. All smiles as it arrives and waves but NOPE! The driver smiles and waves back and drives on. Out of service apparently, bloody well looked like it was moving to me..One hour and a half later we share a taxi. Methinks a new Fat Controller is needed... Might see if the Andrex puppy would like to have a go, at least we'll know we will get shat on.... no RANT!!!!!

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