Saturday, 21 July 2012

I don't believe it, It's on time, well I say on time, I mean the usual time. And It's practically empty, no Doris, I think she has afternoon tea with her cousin Lily one a week, which is nice. No Audrey either, I hope she hasn't drowned in one of her 'you knows' but Ernie is here and he has a cheeky smile on his face, I think Thursday is his night for going up the legion and I am beginning to wander if he got a fancy women..anyway he had better sink a few tonight cos I reckon he's forgotten that he's to sort Audrey's bush out tommow ready for the weekend as they are going out. That's why he's smiling, he's forgotten both things. No Dave or postman Pete, they were attempting to cross the road after leaving the hobgoblin. I might join them one day....

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