Saturday, 21 July 2012

Well, it's Friday, which is nice. Dave made it to the stop today, he was either reading the timetable or hanging on to it for dear life, but when it turned up he did a good job. Quite impressed. I was right about Ernie yesterday, he did forget about redesigning Audrey's bush and having to put his smart clothes on for the weekend for their night out, took him by surprise. His grin from yesterday disappeared and he looks very pale. Which is white...(?) I am a bit miffed to say the least that the gobbing up on the pavement Indian waiter is sharing the same hopper again, just how many times do you have to clear your throat in 30 mins? Maybe he is not Indian but more than likely Flemish, which is snot nice. Everyone seems a bit glum considering It's Friday. I'm not, got told off running up and down the bus like a puppy going to the seaside. I shall really, really miss commuting this weekend, so much, it is hard to describe.

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