Friday, 27 July 2012

God almighty the nutter has sat next to me and nearly on my oranges. Black boots, black dirty jeans and a black t shirt with some sort of death phrase on it..he's just changed seats and sat opposite me and he's staring at me. I think he thinks I'm writing about him. Ernie looks scared or still pissed from going up the legion last night. Audrey looked disgusted at Ernie. I see she has her carrier bag for life. It's probably for Ernie..Doris looks good from a distance, she puts her face on every morning and doesn't take it off until the end of the week. Dave and Pete have been on it all afternoon and I cant understand a word they are saying, which is a shame because they both laughing like schoolboys. The Jamaican lady has just got off, she wasn't concentrating on her composure while she was on the phone and didn't keep her knees together. No wonder Fenton was quiet...

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