Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bloody hell ! It must be a mother and toddler's bus, there's loads of them ! Prams everywhere, hot grumpy faces, it's mind blowing!. There's a very cross Jamaican lady shouting on the mobile, I dont understand a word she is saying but her other half is definitely in trouble when she gets in, he's been on the Mobi rum all afternoon...Audrey is sitting with Marjorie, Ernie wasn't allowed to sit with them, he's on one of the fold downs up the front. She was telling Marj that she went to the clinic today and was very upset that the nice young doctor was away and she ended up with some old bat. She wanted to dsicuss her bush that Ernie ruined last weekend because apparantly the doctor knew a bit about gardening and trimming, instead she had to talk about her hemroids. Either that or Ernie is in piles of trouble again, I may have misheard as I am sat next to the still very cross Jamaican lady. It is sweltering in this heap, so much that Audreys blue rinse might need doing again this weekend at Alphonso's. All the mums have gone now but I am convinced that half of them have the wrong kids. Maybe they will swap back next week..Come on Fenton, lets go...........FENTON !!!

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