Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Its due any day now, which is optimistic. What I can't work out is how come all the other buses are roughly on time but the 37 seems to have adopted a rather cavalier attitude. I blame the parents. It's here and, Jesus Christ Fenton, It's not the hopper! And it has seats! You can tell people have been out in the sun, there's a girl in the front who looks like a lobster with a white bikini on. She's only a bit red, but it's her shape. Two chavs have just got off with all their Iceland bags. White trakkies and pink trainers. Nice. I think they are in their late 60's. Cool...oh great. A bloke is behind me on the mobile. He thinks that there is no one else on this heap, obviously. You wouldn't catch me using language like that. His case comes up on Tuesday and he's been told he'll get a least six months, which is confining. FENTON! FENTON!!!Time for a beer !

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