Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The bloody thing nearly ran me over tonght, I swear he accelerated. He had mad staring eyes and was foaming at the mouth...off to the depot to have a laugh with his mates. Waiting for his return, I realised you can learn about somebody very quickly at the stop. When the two coppers asked the bloke behind me, "how did you get on in court mate?".... So it arrives and It's been switched for the hopper. How thoughtful. Only seat left was next to this rather nervous looking female. Started the remains of the crossword and noticed a bit of a rummaging on my left cheek. Turns out her handbag was on the chair between us. Audrey is with her friend Marjorie. Apparently when her and Ernie got back from the posh do on Saturday Ernie was feeling a bit frisky. She told him she was having none of it and sent him to bed with a small sherry. Jesus Christ Fenton, It's hot in here.....

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