Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Blinking heck Aida, It's on time, roughly, and I have a nearly comfey seat ! Pissed up Pete the postman could hardly stand up. He couldn't find his ticket and spent his money in the Falcon again and wasn't allowed on. Sooo, It's Wednesday today and Audrey has been shopping with Marjorie and Gladys this time, and she was telling the story of her lost pussy and kept pursing her lips between sentences. Anyway, it was found earlier, soaking wet under a prickly bush looking a bit bedraggled. The others were listening fairly intently but were stifling sniggers desperate not to burst into hysteria. They did well not to, because Audrey was becoming quite intense as she started noticing they weren't as upset as her. God knows what everyone else was thinking but there was a bloke next to me trying to hide behind his newspaper, he was in stitches and could hardy breath...

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