Monday, 13 August 2012

I have come to the conclusion that it is easier to organise the public transport for hundreds and thousands of people for the Olympics than is to catch a hopper. What would be good is if they employed Usain Bolt as the driver. That would get the bloody thing running on time. At least there's a fold down seat available, just happens to be next to the oldest man on the planet, I never seen so many wrinkles and to boot, his false teeth plate doesn't fit any more and there is a funny 'clacking' noise every so often. Which is nice. Everyone looks grumpy, I expect it's because Lily is not on it , she always talks to you in a cheerful way even if you want to be ignored. No sign of Audrey or neglected Ernie, there was talk that they were going away for a couple of days as their annervisery is this week and they were going to rekindle a bit of magic back. I expect Ernie cannot wait, they were going to Whitstable as they have fresh crabs there but there was a change of plan, I think because Marjorie is now coming. I think the driver thinks there is something wrong with the bus because of the clacking noise..

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