Friday, 10 August 2012

It must be mums and tots day. I didn't know you could get 27 million push chairs on a bus, quite remarkable. Bloody hell, the noise is not dissimilar to a flock of ducks invading a bakers. Is it me just having a touch of the Victor Meldrews, as I'm wandering if they are young mums or have all these kids got older sisters..Dave and Pete poured themselves on to the bus, pissed from finishing early and pub crawling, literally, between the Hobgoblin and the Falcon. They both have their beer goggles on and believe they have half a chance with the mums, worse still, Dave's dribbling... Pete's head looks like a wrinkled strawberry with grey hair. Dave's face has got that look on it when you fart but end up with a bit more than you expect. I'm not sitting on that seat again but I expect Audrey will make Ernie do it.

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