Thursday, 9 August 2012

Jesus Christ Fenton ! It's standing room only again and It's boiling. It's like being stood up in a bains Marie like a frankfurter. I did notice little Ernie peering over, he will be up the legion tonight, he had that look of expectance in his face like a boy who's put a whoopee cushion somewhere. Oh god, there's a vile child gobbing off to his grandma about what food he doesn't like and the list is endless. He wouldn't shut up or stand still. If I was her I'd put gaffer tape on his gob and tie him on one the poles that we are all hanging on to for dear life. Germaline got on half way, she resembled half a tattooed frankfurter. Mind you the vile Alfie soon shut up. Uh oh, somebody has just sat on the whoopee cushion......

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