Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blimey ! It was more or less on time today ! Well when I say on time I mean it was within the hour. Caught a brief glimpse of Audrey towards the back and she was looking quite happy for once with her lips pursed. Wednesday is the day Ernie has to stay at home while she goes shopping. I did notice she had a nice colour lipstick on and apparently she got it from that well known collection everyone's talking about, fifty shades of lippy or something like that. There was also a bubbly young thing I think I know but she looked all bubbled out. Apparently she had been giving hell to all the phone shops in Wycombe all day trying to get her blackcurrent sorted but without success, well, you could tell she was grumpy. She ended up with a 'get by' phone from the dodgey shop by the bus stop and she wasn't sure if it was working or not as it hadn't rung at all, so it may be broken or her friends were busy. I think her name is lozenge or something similar. I perked up, a red headed temptress gave me a knowing smile and a little wave as she walked by, well it was at me or she's a bit wonky eyed...

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