Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Well...I wasn't going to do one tonight, but....my newspaper was no defence for the nutter at the bus stop by a long shot. And yes it was just him and I because mine was the last to come yet again. Loud voiced, smiling and congratulating pregnant women that passed by. Telling a young African mum how speak streetwise in Brooklyn, then began trying to scream louder than her two kids who were very high pitched. Apparently the can of special brew is one of many, the rest being stored in the graveyard where he is currently residing. He sleeps in a cardboard box, which is nice..No regulars tonight so I had to check I was on the right one, which it was. It had the usual jerky gearbox and the same cheese and onion crisp bag on the floor. There's clearly a mother and daughter sat nearby and they keep looking over down their noses at me, they either think I am writing about them or my flies are undone. Either way, they're not impressed....

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