Friday, 17 August 2012

It's hot, sweaty and bouncing all over the place. At least I have a seat above the engine at the rear, which is hot. I think Audrey has a new friend she is chatting to, either that or a complete stranger is just being polite. Her friend was telling Audrey about the three pussy riots in Russia. Well, It's the first time I have seen Audrey look a bit awkward and didn't know quite what to say. After regrouping she managed to change the subject by telling her friend that last night she found a little hedgehog in her badly trimmed bush and how it looked so grateful when she administered a drop of milk, which must have been a lovely sight. Lozenge is on it today looking very regal, I thought for a moment it was Kate, you know, the famous one that got married last year and we all had a day off, which was nice. Two old ladies are helping each other on with a selection of walking sticks and hearing aids. The driver even had time for a fag. While I was waiting to get off, if you pardon the expression, I heard one say "it was his mother that made him a homosexual" to which the other one replied " if I send her some wool, would she make me one ?" FENTON !

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