Wednesday, 22 August 2012

On the old wooden fold down again, hey Ho...Uh ohh.. Fenton's staring at an enormous lady at the back, she resembles one of those Russian shot putters at the Olympics and she's looking around at everyone one, I think she might be the bus bouncer. The lady that talks to her handbag has just got on, which is interesting, not seen her for a while. Nice though, it breaks the journey up, except for the person she's sat next to. Audrey is always bemused when she sees her and usually purses her lips and shakes her head. Mind you, she's looking even more bemused at the hat the funny looking bloke opposite is wearing. It's similar to one of those grey NHS bed pans in pastel blue. Slightest drop of rain or pigeon poo and it's gone. Nice. Ernie's in trouble again, apparently she caught him watching some beaver action on late night tv....

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