Thursday, 2 August 2012

Right, that does it. E mail coming up. Bus at the lights and he lets a bit of totty on, no hesitation. Maybe next time it happens to me I'll rip my jeans off, shove a wig on and a bit of lippy. So, today it's the hopper and It's full. There's a roundy faced toddler in a buggy staring at me, I think he's wondering if I'm either his father or the man in the moon. Actually, the mums doing it too....Poor Ernie looks fed up, it must be bad because It's legion night tonight and he normally a bit perky. I might get him with Pete and Dave in the falcon one night for a laugh. But there is the wrath of Audrey. My god I'd hate to see her blow, if you know what I mean. There's a Polish girl on the phone, I guess to her bloke and she's getting very very cross. It sounds fantastic ! I've no idea what she is saying but you could sense the anger, mixed with fury and rage. There was a frenzy of fire, heat and passion in her voice It's brilliant ! I love it ! Then it seemed to turn to a combination of warmth, affection, joy and eagerness. Ernie's perked up a bit and I want a fag....

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