Friday, 3 August 2012

It's Friday and I could hardly wait to finish work and catch the bus. I was so excited. Seems sad really on the surface, but underneath there was more to it. I had been thinking about it all afternoon and could hardly consecrate on my work ... I eventualy finished and anxiously walked towards the bus stop with confused expectations. I felt dizzy with excitement and emotion as I neared my destinati
on, the bus stop. It's lovely, it has metal wire seats, a rain cover and an inviting waste bin. I think there is a spitting place but I'm not sure. My pulse was racing with expectancy at that 'not knowing feeling' as to when it would come, which sent me tingling somewhat. I couldn't even think about finishing the crossword, my mind was all over the place.. Omg, it has just slowly and seductivley pulled up behind me and come to a halt. I went all quivery when I saw it, and it was on time, maybe it is trying to please and make an effort...the doors opened and I slowly slipped inside showing the driver my weekly, which must have been nice....Inside it was warm, comfy and nowhere near full up. Mmmmm...We began slowly at the beginning because the bus lane was a bit congested but as that cleared up, along the way became clearer and we maintained a regular pleasurable rhythmic speed. Which was nice. However, I was so distracted going home that I pressed the bell too early and had to admit to a bit of premature bell pushing. Roll on Saturday......FENTON !!!!!!!!

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