Wednesday, 19 September 2012

So. It's morning. Or it was morning because the ever so reliable 08:10 didn't turn up. Either it couldn't be bothered to get out of bed or it's been kidnapped by bus aliens. There's only so much rummaging in the bin you can do, trying to find old newspaper crossords or even remains or a KFC would have been nice while you are waiting for eternity. A lady stood next to me and she couldn't stop talking and she was ever so cheerful. Just what you want in the morning, her name Thimberley sew it seams.The 08:50 turned up and we all piled on, frozen and late for work. It starts to get really busy now as it's 09:00 and all the Twirlys are piling in, most of them with their great granddaughter and their kids, all with buggies. The luggage rack was full of them. It looked a Saga tranfer bus at the airport. Going home was a delight, obviously. The Fat Controller laid on two again. Felt quite spoilt really. Snot man is on and he's trying to catch everone's eye with a huge bogie balanced on the end of his nose. The little lad nearby was impressed and took a photo to show his mates and then retaliated with a fantastic fart only small boys and Burnley know how. His mum was trying not to be sick. Two of the bluse rinse brigade were there and it turns out that Audrey and Ernie might not be out this week because their anniversay week at Skeggy, Audrey put her hip out and Ernie lost his teeth..

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