Thursday, 6 September 2012

There's something arousing about the deep, throbbing, purring engine that kind of makes it ok to turn up late. It keeps that air of expectancy going and makes your mind go dizzy, which is round. The driver seems a bit cheerful, which is odd, I expect he's had a wink from Audrey or Gladys and I think It's probably Gladys because I heard him talk about polishing up her wooden leg. Sooo, Ernie is so not going up the legion tonight, he's looking sheepish and pale. He was entrusted with the girls handbags and bits while they were getting their ladies things sorted out up the clinic but he had eaten the cheese sandwich they left for him and got bored. So, when no one was looking he went in for a bit of a rummage. Well, he couldn't work out why she has so many Tena ladies because she hasn't got a cold. As for the Germaloid cream, he didn't think she had any germs but if she did, where would she put it. Having got away with it once he had a cheeky rummage at Dolly's and he was really surprised. He found some spare pants and she didn't mention about going away. He also didn't know she had a cat as he found some pussy rub which he shouldn't have mentioned on the way home....

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