Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sooo, two double deckers ten mins apart, half empty going to the same place followed by the hopper going clearly not to the same place and It's crammed, hot and sweaty, which is sometimes nice, but not on this occasion. It seems to be full of 'students' with a couple of old Doris' intertwined. It feels like we are all on our way to a religious festival or a posh civil disruption somewhere. The bloke next to me was dead to the world. I had to move, he kept twitching, well, I say twitching, more like he was being electrocuted, which is current. Ha! A blonde with jodhpurs is just buying a ticket and all of a sudden there's a sea of heads in the aisle which shoot back quicker than a whippet as she turned round. Can't wait for tomorrow, Ernie has to go with the blue rinse girls tomorrow up the clinic and he has to look after their handbags and some other ladies things. I wonder if he'll have a rummage....

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