Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ok, It's late but whoop whoop I got a seat without any funny Stains on and now It's packed. I'm not exaggerating but there must be in excess of ten million people on here, which is friendly. There's two old Doris' towards the back both with wispy semi blue/purply greyish rinses trying to eye up two oooooh very nice young men but to no avail. The lady near me looks like the ginger curly one in cour
t this week. She's well dressed in black with huge sunglasses on, I don't think she's been on a bus before and looked quite relieved to get off. Jesus Christ Fenton ! We're picking up some pace! The two Doris' faces are a picture and they've had to rearrange their false teeth. Blimey, now we're going some, the brakes are smoking and everything's rattling ! Brilliant ! People are pressing the buzzer two stops in advance and clutching things randomly. Ha hah! Excellent! If Audrey was on it she would have needed the Tena Ladies Extra.....

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