Monday, 3 September 2012

Isn't it wonderful, the sun broke into the crispness of the morning to bring everyone a beautiful day and now in the afternoon, the vitalising crispness is coming back beautifully and everyone is smiling. And then the bus turned up. On the old fold down again because the one opposite has a damp patch on it. Everyone's frowning and grumpy, it's like I have just been teleported to grumpyworld. I do 
realise on board entertainment isn't laid on but come on. Have they all had bad days at work? All just had a row with someone? Do they all need to go to the loo ? Ah hah ! There is life ! A blokes just got got on with a cheeky Jack Russell that looks as if he's been up to no good. I just overheard Audrey's mate Gladys saying that Audrey was up a & e over the weekend. Apparently something went embarrassingly wrong with the synchronised bush trimming but she didn't like to talk about it...

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