Friday, 31 August 2012

So, how the hell are we all going to fit in here? Bit tight by any standard. Still, we managed as usual, got to know Audrey a bit better, even some of her blue rinse dripped on my shoulder, which was pleasant. She is v excited about this we
ekend about her and Ernie doing the synchronised bush trimming, she's even bought some Tena Ladies which were scarily poking out of her handbag. Ernie didn't have a clue what they were but he seemed quite pleased, he thought, as he felt he had a heavy cold coming on and they might come in handy. She was saying that her sister Dolly was in A & E last night with her knee and was given a wheelchair to contain herself but ended up being thrown out by security after a while because she started playing the paralympics wheelchair basketball with some other patients who could not quite see the funny side for some strange reason, Audrey thinks she may have been on iced peppermint tea earlier with illicit vodka from the corner shop next door, which is rice. She is looking very dissaproving as Dave and Postman Pete have just got on, they are completely pissed from the Falcon (pay day, wankered) and Dave has spotted the contents of her handbag and is now incapable of grassing her up to wrinkled strawberry faced grumpy pissed up Pete as Dave is sniggering too much. Fenton... FENTON!! it's the weekend....!!!!

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