Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ah haah ! Now I know why all the shops are empty, everyone is on the bus, which is tight. Still, it was on time, but it is thursday after all..I suppose I like standing up now after months of regular practice. It's doing well though with bits dropping off it as usual. There's two lads that have been on the piss all day and they think they're going to Slough but no one's telling them otherwise, whi
ch will be fun. There's a big primani bag and there's a large luminous pink fluffy thing hanging out and I can't quite work out what it is, even the bloke next to me can't stop staring at it. When the posh looking lady scooped it up she did a bit pronto. Must go to primani tomorrow. Ernie is looking pleased, off to the legion tonight but better still, Audrey enjoyed last weeks course on synchronised bush trimming and she is helping Ernie this weekend for the first time after 65 glorious years of marriage. Which must have been nice...and long...

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