Friday, 24 August 2012

I wonder if the family eating in the restaurant opposite the bus stop will mind if I join them, or would it be quicker if I go to uxbridge via Watford and back rather than wait for the one I need. NO what was I thinking, here it comes and It's the hopper. I suppose half an hour is no too bad. It's quite pleasant to see all the others come and go roughly on time. Anyway I should be more forgiving really, it comes from all the way round the corner. It's packed, even the wooden fold downs are up in oder to moor up some push chairs and It's that full there's a bloke at the back sat on the floor. To cap it all there's a double Decker in front and It's nearly empty, does this make sense ? Is it on purpose ? Am I unknowingly in a sit com ? I wish I had Fenton with me, he would have cleared the way with ripping one of his specials out, which is ripe. I wonder where the fat controller keeps his horse and Stetson. No Audrey on Ernie today, they have been kidding it up at their local. Ernie was allowed a small beer because he has to go straight home after. I believe Audrey is going to see some synchronised bush trimming this weekend and she's not sure if she needs to go to the hairdressers...

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