Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Oh God! There must be the entire OAP population pouring out of the town hall and they all look like they have been on the sherry and most are heading for the bus stop. My bus stop. No pre booking or any prior arrangements made and yes, as sure shit the bus stop is full of them so you know the bloody hopper is going to turn up, hopefully with a roof rack. From a distance is was like watching human 10 pin bowling as the first heap turned up, managed to lose a few of them, as with the next, but Lordy Lord the hopper does come and yes, this was the one the entire pissed up blue rinse brigade just had to have, oh lucky me. Believe you me it's the first time I have seen a sea of OAP s standing and they did look nervous. There was an overwhelming aroma of lavender water, mixed with sherry and Fem fresh  Which was nice. I was quite excited as the grumpy driver was the one that hits the brakes hard, which he did. My word it was such fun, hanging on for dear life lunging forward in a split second. I was OK as I braced myself for the moment, but did not expect two handbags and a set of dentures to go flying past me. You guessed it, the time has come when half of them now need the lavvy so anything could happen next. I just overheard one old Doris say to her mate that she is going to have pork in cider tonight, which is eye watering...

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