Monday, 1 October 2012

The wind has gone from my sail. My flabber has been ghasted. The pie has gone from my paella. The snail from It's shell. Not only was it on time today but it was a new one. No juddery clutch, a smooth purring engine and one seat left. Obviously there were remains of McDonald's squished on the floor, together with the compulsory crisp bag attached by chewing gum, which is nice. Old wrinkly faced Cider Sid is on it today, not seen him for ages. Him and Ernie went to the same school during the war and were both scallywags getting up to no good mostly, that is until Audrey got hold of him. I bet he's never looked back. Sid has his brown stained Sunday best jacket on, which is a touch overdue a trip to the vets.The Doris next to him is not impressed, she's holding a lavender water soaked tissue to her nose and she's wretching, which is sic. Sid thinks he's got half a chance. Jesus Christ Fenton! We've missed the bloody stop! Old Bell old boy?

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