Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Waiting for a bus can be quite interesting sometimes. Tonight, I mainly thought I was in Delhi or Warsaw, I couldn't overhear any conversations in English except the two pissheads nearby trying to sing and ending up telling each other to fxxk off continuously. Naah, can't be Delhi or Warsaw, their buses run on time. Oh God Germaline is on it tonight with her friend, a blonde skinny thing and neither of them can stop talking. A bloke eyeing them up has just moved away mumbling about a headache. It seems its the blonde thing's birthday she is 141 unless I misheard and they've been to a spa and now off to a pub and she has invited both her friends. I think her name is Speccy, which is cute. I think I'm getting a headache now, it has to be 2,000 words a minute. Someone save me....

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