Monday, 12 November 2012

Catching this bus is getting worse..
A thousand demons hissed at my arrival, a bodyguard of Satan’s closest friends, the scene was worse than even Dante’s bible, then Charon whispered here my journey ends.

He left me there despite my sobbed entreating, my bare feet burned upon the coals of Hell, a million souls were screaming out a greeting, the wailing borne upon a sulfur smell.

While demons jostled for their turn at torture, my eyes were filled with worms and I was blind, but I could see the agony of future as Satan planted visions in my mind.

Too late I looked to Jesus for redemption, as talons tore my flesh my spirit screamed, no angel savior came with my exemption, but waves of pain as fiery embers teemed.

Beware, lest you should join me in Perdition, embrace the Lord and serve with Holy zeal, when God asks for repentance you must listen, or like me, you may find that Hell is real.

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