Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I happened to notice in the Bus Gazette Monthly, which is a most interesting read, obviously, your job application for the position of the Fat Controller and I must say that I am indeed a bit interested in having a stab at it. I have over the years collected bus registration plate numbers and have also started recording chassis numbers which is proving a b
it tricky as they tend to move about a bit. This may be an advantage to your company, for whatever reason. However, I would like to know, to be the Fat Controller, what is the weight required? Is there any controlling involved? Will there be a company X box for my personal use whilst ensuring the drivers have enough tea breaks? If not, you could jack up the fares for a while to cover it anyhow. Also, do you have to be completely inept, or just a bit? Some days I can be really dizzy, sometimes just spaced out, which I think may contribute towards the service you are trying to achieve. Or not. I also like the fact that the company policy is to use recycled washing machines on wheels as a form of transport which I am sure the passengers really appreciate. I also was a very good with Vagabonds, Bounders and Brigands but the Pirate thing never did it for me, as the parrot and I argued alot and we never got on. Typical bird, nice feathers though. I have the neccessary driving qualifications and the man at Legoland driving centre said he had not seen anything quite like it, which I took as a sincere complement. Which was nice. Well, I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon and my guide dog Molly, can't wait either as she needs to teach me the routes as I am partially sighted,

Billy Big Bus

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