Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Jesus Christ Fenton! The bus is on time! Actually it's probably the earlier one running late, in fact it must be because its rammed. On the old emergency fold downs feeling all the potholes as we go and there's a proper racket towards the back coming from two giggling gerties. Yak yak giggle yak yak giggle, my word, where's the volume button!!! All the other Dorises were trying to keep up but they were rubbish.Apparently they had been out all night and were still bouncing, which is lovely. I think it was Lozenge and Pinky Scary Stick Thin Mary which is a bit of a team.... Now there's a thought...Saw Germaline briefly, which is a Scottish thing, och aye and all that, no sign of Audrey and her tagged hubcap Ernie for a while, last time I saw her she had a copy of Nuts magazine which Ernie was looking forward to as his made Dave got hold of a back street copy. She gave her mates the old raised eyebrow thing and pushed her chest up a bit. That will be in the recycling before you know it. Dead keen on seeing who won the Best Bus Awards yesterday, I cannot think who the hell thought of the idea of the awards personally, it must be me..

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